What Is EzekielsTemple.com?


EzekielsTemple.com explores the premise that Ezekiel’s visionary Temple conveys a biblical message in architectural form for Jews and gentiles. In its unique system of intersecting axes, the East-West Axis highlights what God has sovereignly done for His people (“I will be their God”); the North-South Axis displays what He has done in them to make them His own (“They shall be my people.”) In the original context of Ezekiel’s message to “the house of Israel” (Ezek. 43.10), these axes frame a Scriptural picture of the promised Messiah; the same picture from a New Testament perspective displays even more clearly the Person and work of Jesus.

My book, Ezekiel’s Temple: A Scriptural Framework Illustrating the Covenant of Grace, may be ordered on this site. The book overlaps material presented on this website; each contains some information not in the other. For ordering information, or to see the book’s contents or read an excerpt, go to The Book page.

Free articles that extend or elaborate on my book are offered either for reading online or as downloads on the Free Articles page. Familiarity with my book is not assumed in these articles. If God allows, future free articles and blog posts will cover much of my book, along with further aspects of Ezekiel’s Temple.

A brief overview of Ezekiel’s Temple Plan and its meaning may be read by clicking here.

My four “Christian midrash” articles on the Free Articles page reflect some “anecdotal Jewishness” in my background—enough to have made me want to explore Ezekiel’s Temple through the eyes of Jewish commentators. I hope these articles will show how much Jewish commentary on this Temple can actually be taken to point to Jesus as the Messiah. (Parts 1 and 2 also include a thorough explanation of the intersecting axes.)

The three illustrations on the Home Page are explained here.

Your comments or questions are welcome. To comment on my blog posts, use the comment buttons at the bottom of each post. To send me comments or questions on my Free Articles, my book, or the site generally, use the Contact page. I will reply personally as time permits, or collect related comments for response in future articles or blog posts.

My theology. I affirm the doctrines of Reformed theology as contained in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms, and hold a non-dispensational, amillennial view of “last things.” My thinking about the possibility of a future Temple is colored by that. However, for me this issue is secondary to Ezekiel’s message for today, whatever God’s plan for the future may be, and I will endeavor to treat other views with charity and respect.

Acknowledgments. Gratitude is expressed to pastor and librarian Rev. James W. Campbell for his advice throughout the writing of my four-part “Christian midrash,” and for pointing me to key books and articles that shaped my thinking—though I assume full responsibility for the results. Thanks also to Mrs. Jean Pennington for preparing the diagrams for publication here and in my articles and book, and to Mr. Garison Plourde of Garison Plourde Design for his web design. I praise God for giving me the opportunity to study this Temple, and pray He may be glorified in this site and any comments it elicits.