Ezekiel’s Temple: A Scriptural Framework Illustrating The Covenant of Grace

by Emil Heller Henning III (2013, revised 2016). The author is a professional architect, church elder, and longtime student of this Temple. Includes original diagrams illustrating the concepts. The book and this website overlap; each has content not in the other.

"This afternoon I read Ezekiel's Temple and found it extremely interesting and exciting. After finishing the book I found myself once more adoring our 'only wise' God. There are times, like this afternoon, when I feel I've hardly begun to understand the Scriptures. Your explanations of the...ground plan of the Temple were extremely helpful. Above all, I appreciated your Messiah-centered focus and your gospel application ... I pray it will be blessed of God for the edification of many good Christians who are locked into a shallow ... approach to Ezekiel's prophecy. I pray also it will be used to help Jewish people see that 'all the prophets prophesied not but of the days of the Messiah.'"

—Mike Moore
General Secretary Emeritus
Christian Witness to Israel